Wrap Conversion Guidelines

Wrap Conversion Guidelines

  1. We will only convert woven wraps. We will NOT receive DIY wraps, stretchy wraps or fabrics not intended for weight bearing functions.
  2. Brand new wraps are preferred but if they are already used at least in excellent used condition. If brand new, we will ask you to wash it first before sending it to us.
  3. Shipping fee (to and fro) will be shouldered by the customer.
  4. It takes two weeks to finish the conversion from the time we receive the wrap.
  5. The size of the converted carrier will be our standard size.
  6. Our design already includes a built-in hood. If fabric size permits, suck pads and pouch can be added without extra cost.
  7. Send us a private message and inform us your choice of conversion, wrap brand and size.
  8. You will be provided with our address to where you will send the wrap. Please provide us with the tracking number once you have shipped the wrap.
  9. Once we receive the wrap, you will be issued a billing statement with payment details. You may choose to give a 50% deposit first then settle the remaining balance before we ship back your finished product; or pay the full amount up front.
  10. We will send you a photo of the finished product before shipping. Then we will provide you with a tracking number for your package. Please confirm once package is received.
  11. All excess fabrics will also be shipped back to you.


Full conversion SSC – made entirely from the woven wrap, at least size 3

PhP 2800 – CarGo
PhP 3400 – CarGo Fit

Half conversion SSC – the half front of the carrier, the waist band and the straps are made from the woven wrap, the back portion of the body and hood are made with denim, at least size 2

PhP 3000

Semi conversion SSC – only the half front of the carrier is made with the woven wrap, all other parts are made with denim, at least size 1

PhP 3500

Full conversion mei tai – made entirely from the woven wrap, at least size 5

PhP 1300

Semi conversion mei tai – the half front of the carrier is made from the woven wrap, the straps and waist band are made with cotton twill and canvas, at least size 1

PhP 1800

Ring sling conversion – choose your rings based on the available colors, 3” rings only

PhP 600


  • Meh dai hood – detachable or attached, flat, flat adjustable or garterized, hoodie type
  • Meh dai waist – rings or buckle, padded or unpadded
  • Meh dai shoulder – padded or wrap style
  • Meh dai leg part – padded or unpadded
  • Ring sling shoulder – right or left, gathered or pleated
  • Let us know if there are other customization that you want for your conversion.


Frequently Asked Questions

1. Are your carriers safety tested?

Our CarGo and CarGo Fit’s structure and components are tested for safety using EN 13209-2:2015.

The rings that we use for our ring slings has also undergone safety testing using IEC 62321-5:2013 to determine the presence of toxic chemicals, and with the breaking force is 2710 lbs. (1229 kgs.).

Our meh dai and ring slings are tested for seam strengths to ensure durability. We also do self-regulations and testing to assure quality of stitches and materials.

2.  Why are the conversions so pricey?

Woven wraps are delicate, they require special handling during cutting and sewing. They are pricey because we are maintaining our standards and also taking care of your precious wraps where your little ones will be carried. Also, the materials we use are also high quality materials and are expensive. You are not only paying for the sewing, but you are paying for our design and craftmanship.

3.  Can I have my Nakong’s mei tai converted to CarGo?

We will not be converting our mei tais to CarGo for safety purposes; unstitching will compromise the structural integrity of the carrier. Besides, our mei tai and CarGo has different features and converting the mei tai won’t give you the full features of the soft structured carrier. Our conversion is only for wraps.