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Ring Sling – Blue Diamonds


  • Ring sling is a type of carrier that is made from a piece of long cloth with rings sewn on one end; when threaded it can make a pouch to carry a baby.
  • Nanay at Ako ring sling is made from cotton fabric that is airy and supportive. It can easily be threaded in between the rings yet does not slip.
  • Highly adjustable and can grow with your child. It is recommended to carry newborns until toddler. Weight limit is 15 kg. or around 2-3 years old.
  • It is 75” long and 30” wide made for full coverage on baby’s back and can fit most wearers.
  • Shoulder is pleated type which can be easily spread on wearer’s shoulder; avoiding bunching up on the neck specially for wearers with narrow shoulder.
  • One ring can lift over 2700 pounds! Our rings are safety tested and they are free from nickel and lead making it safe for babies. They are 3” in diameter and non-welded. They do not rust even after multiple washes. They come in different colors matched carefully with the fabric prints.
  • The rings are carefully sewn with the fabric using strong three layered stitches with breaking point up to 40 kg.
  • It has a pocket for your small things, and can be used as a stow away bag when sling is not in use.
  • One shoulder carry. Easy to breastfeed in.
  • Type of carries: front tummy-to-tummy, side, back

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