CarGo Fit – Raniag


  • Full conversion wrap, made from 100% Philippine cotton
  • Adjustable seat width through a 3-point integrated cincher
  • Adjustable body panel height through adjusters for a perfect fit
  • Big pocket serves as pouch for the integrated four-point snap-to-snap adjustable hood
  • Wide, padded, crossable shoulder straps for maximum support extending from 19”-39” to accommodate different heights of wearers
  • Sliding adjustable chest belt to easily fit different body sizes of wearers
  • Head rest for use of smaller babies, can be achieved when body panel is set to smallest size
  • Padded leg openings to support baby’s legs when worn
  • Safety elastics to hold the waist band and shoulder straps in case buckles accidentally open or break, and end elastics to keep extra straps neat and tidy
  • Straight, padded but not so wide waist band provides support and even weight distribution to the wearer yet avoids heat and sweat in the waist and hip area, extends from 24”-52”
  • Side wings to protect the buckles from digging into the wearer’s body
  • Ergonomic design supports proper development of baby's hips, pelvis and spine
  • Carry positions – front (tummy-to-tummy), side (hip) and back
  • Carrier fit – 5'-6'5″ (depending on body type)
  • Usage range – 3 kg. to 20 kg. (newborn up to 2-3 years old)
  • Accessories – carry pouch
  • Webbing – high quality nylon
  • Buckles and sliders – high tested strength, can withstand up to 90-140 kg.
  • Stitching – Reinforced in all intersections for durability
  • Materials and structure (durability) are safety tested using EN13209-2:2015, EN71-3 (buckles, webbing, zippers, snaps). Buckles are pre-tested by YKK Japan using ASTM D76-99 parameters.


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Product Description

Model information:
Height – 4′ 9″
Doll size – newborn


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